Find Nick's Other Fiction

Here are links to some of my other stories published elsewhere

My flash story 'Thicker Than Water' appears at Free Flash Fiction

My micro flash story 'Gun Sight' appears on Paragraph Planet 1/9/12 - look in the archive

My competition winning flash story 'Ode to Billie Joe' appears on

My flash story 'From Gun to Tape' is published by Ether Books ( free app for iphone / ipad / android)

My short story 'Against All Odds' appears in Infective Ink

My competition winning flash story 'Find a Quiet Corner' appears in the BritWriters 'Picture the Story' Contest

My Drabble 'Best Eaten Cold' appears in Flashshots (Now sadly defunct)

My 12 word story 'Viewpoint' appears in Vestal Review Dirty Dozen (November)

My twitter fiction 'Mona Lisa' appears on Nanoism

My twitter fiction 'The Last Goodbye' appears on One Forty Fiction

My micro flash story 'Sow the Wind' appears in Blink Ink Magazine #7

My Dribble 'Folk Wisdom' appears in Fifty Word Stories

My flash story 'The Old Methods' appears in Postcard Shorts 


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