Sunday, 6 January 2013

Genesis Revelation

Genesis Revelation

‘Let there be light, and there was light’.

Every light that was ever lit created shadows.

Once created, they do not go away.

From the earliest times our primitive ancestors knew something that we, in our arrogance had forgotten. Myth, story, religion, all were devised by wise men to pass on this primordial message.  We came to believe that these tales were allegorical; we lost sight of the literal truth. Mankind needs light to survive.

Throughout the whole of civilisation we had used light to drive them away. As science progressed, we developed better and better ways of lighting our world and we forgot them, dismissed them.

But they were only driven off, not destroyed. They receded, resentful, like circus tigers before a whip, but like the tigers they waited for a moment’s inattention. They lurked, just out of sight, waiting, watching, serried ranks of patient malevolence, distorted phantasms, cruel parodies of our symmetry, biding their time. Once the light died, they returned. When the electricity failed, millions died, overwhelmed by the sentient darkness, a flood tide no longer held back by our artificial defences.

Darkness is the natural order of things.

Here, now, in the flickering, guttering embers of my last fuel, I know the truth. Just beyond sight, they wait for me.

Hungry for my soul.

‘the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.’

238 words


This story was written from a prompt in the Inspiration Monday Challenge


  1. Oooo, fascinating, creepy take on creation. Love the mix of myth and science. The title alone is brilliant!

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  2. Thanks for looking in! Enjoyed the prompts, started three different stories - still developing the others, as they want to be longer!

  3. Another good one Nick, keep going!

  4. Sorry that last comment was me ;9) Still technically challenged as you can see, I meant to put from Barders

  5. Cheers Kid!
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