Monday, 22 April 2013

Forbidden Fruit - TINY TALL TALES - The Were-Traveller Drabble Issue

My 100 word story 'Forbidden Fruit' has been published by The Were-Traveller Webzine and is included in their TINY TALL TALES Drabble Issue.

The Were Traveler is an online webzine dedicated to really short fiction.

Twitter:- @TheWere-Traveller

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Drag Hunt

Drag Hunt

“So that’s it? I can just take her and go?”
He twitched one eyebrow and smiled.
I wasn’t reassured; it reminded me that he had teeth. I shivered at the sight of the extra incisors.
“Stay or go. As you can.”
I straightened, easing cramps my immobility had caused. She whimpered and I shushed her absently, eyes never leaving him as I backed away.
“Good luck” his voice thrummed in my guts like a bass amplifier turned to eleven.
I turned, beginning as swift an ascent as my tender burden allowed. I was puzzled; concerned by his acquiescence to losing his latest prize.
The stairs seemed endless. I worried that was his meaning, before we emerged into the half-light.
Just sit on the quantum anchor, tied as it was to our reality, and we’re home free.
I looked out – and understood his smile.
Heavy footfalls shook the stairs behind me.

150 words

This story was written for Angela Goff's Visual Dare Flash Fiction Challenge

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Long Game
Image Janet Webb

The Long Game

They flew furiously, gloriously, soaring, sailing towards the searing sun; unencumbered by grasping gravity, joining the communion of the wind, sharing its soft whispered secrets.

I saw them and realised I’m not like the others. Kin scoff. Say I’m strange. But I am different for a reason. While eternal empires ebbed and flowed I planned.

It may take a thousand years, but, today’s smooth, stripy yellow stone will be transformed.

With whirling water, searing sun and fierce fickle frost, I will be ground down. First, to sand, then wonderful weightless dust. Finally, carried triumphantly aloft, I will be a wasp.

100 words


This story was written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields' Friday Fictioneers Challenge

It's Behind You!

It’s Behind You!

“You’ll never guess what I’ve found my Dear, featured in the society pages of the London Gazette. Right here, you see ‘The Honorable and Mrs Aloisius Sebastain-Flyte, blah blah, fresh from his notable successes in the city ...notable successes eh? blah blah, ...recently embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime, blah blah, ...wonder of the age’s greatest achievement...  Cynthia? Why are you just sitting like some slack jawed shop girl at a picture show? Come on Old Girl. I said you might be a little queasy, can happen to anyone. Not got your sea legs. I know! How about a teensy glass of fizz eh? Just the thing if you’re not feeling quite the ticket.”

“B b b...”

 “What? Oh! I see! It’s a game is it? By Jove, I’ve got it – I spy! How splendid. You shouldn’t really give any clues in the classical form of the game that Nanny taught us but, I’m game. Where’s that fizz...?. I know! Bottle. Is it Bottle?”

“Bl bl bl...”

“Fine. Fine. Can’t expect to get it first time I suppose. Now let me see... Blanket?

“Blo blo blo...”

“Are you sure you’re not changing as we go along you little minx?... Blouse!

“Bloo bloo bloo...”

“Oh really, there are a limited number of articles in any cabin, even one as spacious as this one... Bloom! That’s the blighter isn’t it? Bet you thought that I’d dismiss them as flowers. ‘F’ you see...? Bloom! “

“N.. N.. No Bloo.. bloo.. bloo..”

Yes, yes, we’ve had that already. Why are you sitting there gibbering like an imbecile, staring out of the porthole... I say It’s not something outside the room is it? That would be jolly poor form... close to cheating in fact. Well? Spit it out.”

“B B Bloody Big Iceberg!”

300 words


This story was written for Rebekah Postupak's Flash! Friday Micro Fiction Contest

Rebekah wrote a 'Flash Points' critique of this story on her blog. Read it HERE 

Flash Flood Journal 3!

Flash Flood Journal 3 is live!

FFJ is part of the National Flash Fiction Day project . It publishes a scintillating slew of stories throughout the 24 hours of April 19.

There are tales of every type and genre, all under 500 words, genuinely something for everyone.

Check it out HERE

There's even one of mine again this year

 National Flash Fiction Day is 22 June. Look for more events on the NFFD website.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Electric Dreams

This story was written as part of the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower for Anna and Michael (Twitter #DFQWBS) Check out the other wonderful tales HERE

Electric Dreams

“Newly weds? May I offer you, on behalf of all here at Dream Honeymoons, our warmest congratulations. You’ve come to the right place. As I say to all my clients, Why have reality when you can have a Dream? Now, have you studied our promotional material and understand the principle behind what we offer here...? No? Well then. Here at Dream Honeymoons we have digitised the essential elements of the characters from the world’s greatest love stories, enabling you to experience them for yourselves. No scenario is beyond the means of the first class technicians here at Dream Honeymoons. Our patented state of the art VR Dream Suites enable us to tailor your idyllic escape down to the minutest detail. Whilst the main characters would be based on your chosen great romantic figures, you of course would be completely immersed in the virtual experience. Unlike some of our so called competitors, whose products are little better than visual projections, a Dream Honeymoon experience would enable you to form real, all senses memories that would last for years, indistinguishable from mundane memories. But first let me give you an idea of the sort of experience that only we can provide. I’ll introduce you to some of our more popular Dream Honeymoon scenarios and characters. Could the lady see herself as Helen of Troy? We can furnish just such a journey. Carried off to a far away kingdom by your besotted hero of the ancient world. Reclining at your ease, feasted and feted with the delicacies of the Orient, whist civilisations teeter in your name. Obviously, some of the more distressing details have been omitted and the trip would end before the unfortunate events of the sack of the city, but all in all.... No? Ah well, maybe a more generic trip where your own personalities guide the story rather more directly. Perhaps the gentleman could imagine himself a square-jawed laconic lawman of the Old West? Overcoming insurmountable odds, fighting your way to the side of the feisty Southern belle you love and for whom you are prepared to give up everything? Indeed, the lady may like the option to add the ‘fights alongside her man’ subroutine that has become increasingly favoured in recent times? No? One of the classics then? We have tales from legend, life or literature. They may have had unhappy endings in their original forms, but here at Dream Honeymoons we tastefully amend the story arcs to produce delightfully romantic outcomes. Tristan and Isolde, where he sees the white sails? Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor where they stay together? Romeo and Juliet, where the message does not go astray? In that one we can even extend to the families becoming finally reconciled, should you wish to invite others to join you? Scarlett and Rhett, where he does give a damn? The list is practically endless. Leave it to us. We’ll build your Dream.... Madam...? Madam...?”

“No thanks. Michael and I are already building our own dreams - together.”


Title – Electric Dreams

Author – Nick Johns

E-Book - Yes

500 words

Wedding Toast
Dream your boldest dreams together, for they will be the building blocks of your shared future. Congratulations!

Twitter - @nickjohns999

Website -