Monday, 26 August 2013

Art for Art’s Sake

I am an artist. Zones of conflict are my most profitable canvasses. In such states of flux, confusion invariably reigns, even without my intervention.

Those of the ethereal persuasion, or Angels, to use their own preferred nomenclature, have their place in the scheme of things; but guarding and salvation are such uninspiring avocations. My colleagues and I, who chose the other, atramentous path, have another, more stimulating, diametrically opposed calling. We are individual connoisseurs of damnation.

They seek out those from a compendium of virtues, or at least innocence, to shelter; but these qualities also make their wards attractive to us. 
It's in the ultimate disposition of target souls that differs and the... style with which we operate. We each have our personal modus operandi. My choices are predicated on very specific and peculiar gustatory preferences. Now, here’s a potential saint who will be exulted by suffering for my art.

Over Achiever Challenger

150 words


This story was written for Jeff Hollar's Monday Mixer Flash Fiction Challenge and won 'Best Prompt User' Prompts for this challenge are shown at the end of this post...

Jeff said
" Nick Johns for his story Art For Art's Sake. I loved the matter-of-fact, straightforward manner in which Nick's agent of the dark side made his case. This tale had an excellent ebb and flow to it that led me patiently along to a conclusion that was not at all expected. It is always the hallmark of a Best Prompt entry when the words are so expertly woven in that I am forced to go line by line to ensure what prompt words are even there. Additional kudos goes to Nick for forcing me to double-check the definition of "atramentous" to make sure it fit in context. Really well done!  

Things:          1) flux              2) luminary         3) compendium

Verbs:           1) predicate     2) actuate           3) chirrup
Adjectives:   1) slapdash      2) gustatory       3) ethereal

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