Thursday, 5 September 2013

Whither Perseus?

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Whither Perseus?

“Stand still...or die!”

I froze.

When you look death in the face, you don’t expect the face to be so beautiful.

I faced at least five ways to die – and only one way to live. Five ways. Count them.

I might startle her. Annoy her. She might slip. Just decide to loose the shaft. She will certainly tire.

Reversed Russian roulette odds.

The bow's draw weight approached 200 pounds. I knew I must act quickly.

“Why so hostile, noble lady? I whispered.

“I am the guardian of this place, these people.”

“At least regard the face of the one you kill. You owe me that.”

A tiny tic in her shoulder muscle counted down my last seconds.

I slowly drew my hood back and LOOKED at her.

She made an exquisite bronze.

Better than stone. Even Gorgons must work in new materials.

Now for those she had failed to protect

150 words


This story was written for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare Flash Fiction Challenge


  1. FANTASTIC. I am chest-deep in a lot of ancient Greek/Roman writings right now, so I was particularly keen on this spin. Great use of the prompt. Very unexpected!!

    1. Thanks Angela. Loved the photo this week!

  2. Ooh. I like you use of the prompt. And a Gorgon! Fantastic.

  3. Why thank you Ma'am! We were obviously both on the Greek mythology wavelength this week!