Friday, 4 October 2013

The Brothers Dim

Drinking fountain, Pataskala, OH. Photo by Kenn Kiser.
Photo by Kenn W. Kiser

The Brothers Dim

"Leroy sees himself as some kind of criminal mastermind, Your Honour. Thinks up plans then gets his brothers to put them into action. Unfortunately for Leroy, every new criminal enterprise that he dreams up, Elroy and Delroy somehow manage to ruin.
Even when they were in grade school and Leroy decided there was money to be made extorting lunch money, they made nothing. Elroy and Delroy waited until the kids were on their way home.
So as soon as I was called to the contraption shown in this evidence photo here, Your Honour, I knew who to look for. I’ll play a recording of the interview with Elroy."

“’Tain’t my fault this time, Sheriff. This was the big one, he said. Christmas money, he said. Jest take the ‘lectronic gizmo he made in science, and put it on the machine in the Mall. He shoulda said which one, is all.”

150 words

This story was written for Rebekah Postupak's Flash! Friday flash fiction challenge #44

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