Friday, 9 January 2015

Paris 7/1/15

Just in case you were in doubt
Enemies exist; you must act, not wait for others

Stand up for what you believe in
Understand, we have built something rare and precious - but fragile
In all you do or say, in how you live, uphold our values
Someone must do it - if not you, then who does it for you?

Civilisation rests on fundamental principles, not fundamentalist ones
Hate, or the shadow of  violence, must never triumph
Argue passionately for what you believe in, but
Respect those who peacefully oppose you
Love others who value and defend your freedoms
Individuals actions, joined together, will shape our common future
Each of us has a part to play - will you play yours?

This story was written for Week 133 of Daily Picspiration - a site where a group of writers create stories from photo prompts. Each day features a different writer with his or her own picspiration. You can visit each day for a new story.

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