Monday, 17 December 2012

Lyin' Eyes

Lyin’ Eyes

“Darling, don’t be tiresome. I warned you I had a frenetic schedule. The viewing could go late. Don’t wait up. Ciao!”

She’d teetered out on vertiginous stilettos, in a red skirt more suitable as a belt.

Her vindictive little barbs drew blood even after all this time.

By now, I knew, she would be simpering at her prospective victim, standing just slightly too close. At some point she would stumble, grab a steadying arm and, with doe eyes, whisper a breathy remark about how strong he was.

Maintaining the hold into the boudoir, as she would suggestively call it, she might even need closer attention if she cut herself on that otherwise invisible thumbtack. She may even suggest a steadying drink. She would find a way. An inveterate flirt, she had a vast repertoire at her disposal.

I knew all her tricks; after all, I married her.

150 Words


This story was written for Jeffrey Hollar’s Monday Mixer 8


  1. Really enjoyed this, can just see her strutting her stuff :)

  2. Wonderful read!! Love his tone!! Terrific take on the prompts! ;)

  3. Thanks for taking the trouble to comment Guys! My first time on MM. It is not normally accessible due to work hours and time zone issues. Maybe I'll manage a bit of a spurt during the holidays.