Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Great Pain Robbery

The Great Pain Robbery

“Let’s go through it again. Make sure we do it properly this time. Pierre?”

“Wait outside, when Henri passes me the stuff, ride for the den.”

“Good.  Don’t forget your bike this time. Jacques?”

“I go in and ask for whatever’s furthest away from the counter and highest up.”

“Right. But wait until their back is turned to give the signal. Henri?”

“I grab the stuff and run out to Pierre.”

“Just try not to get bread this time.”

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“Says the boy holding the baguette!”

“What did you expect Mastermind? You took us to the Boulangerie!”

100 words

Sorry about the title. I'm a sucker for puns!
This story was written for Angela Goff's Visual Dare Challenge 'Conference'


  1. Really enjoyed this, Nick. Character voices are well done and the conversation is perfect for the photo. Always enjoy your entries :))

  2. Thanks Jo-Anne
    I enjoyed writing this one. It came together really quickly - unlike the previous post. Although it wrote rapidly, I initially didn't 'feel' this prompt - but it grew on me once I found the voices.

  3. The voices really are key here - the characters come through, even with minimal naming and no tags. Puts me in mind of Tom Sawyer and his "gang" cooking up some new banditry. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks again!! :)

    1. Thanks Angela
      Even the juvenile Moriarty had to start somewhere :-)