Friday, 18 January 2013

Operation Pantomime Horse

© Vitor Lopes

Operation Pantomime Horse

“Turn around!”

“Shut up!!

“How do you expect to get the photos we need if you won’t...”

“Shut up and give me the camera!”

“You don’t know how to use it, that’s why they sent me on this mission. That’s why...ouch!”

“Got it. Now pull your arms in. I said don’t wear that white shirt. ‘It’ll make us conspicuous’ I said, but would you listen?”

“Listen? Never mind listen, I can hardly breathe in here. Did you have garlic for dinner last night?”

“Shhhh! The policeman at the gate’s looking at us. Have you got your legs dangling again?”

“Stop moaning, I was getting cramp pulling them up like that...”

“That’s what the harness is for Idiot! Oh shit! He’s coming over! What are you doing? Put that back this instant!”

“No! I’m the one with weapons training. You’re just the legs. So get ready to run!”

150 words


This story was written for Angela Goff's Visual Dare - Third Eye


  1. great dialogue and I loved the last line - can sort of imagine them scarpering but then falling over!

  2. Love how the personalities come through the dialogue - without tags, without setting. Great momentum. Loved this!!

    1. Thanks Angela It rather turned into a bit of an Abbott & Costello sketch, but hey ho!