Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Redneck Rumba

Redneck Rumba

Not breathing, I paused, door at my back. They shambled across the cold stone floor, two lines of them, feet beating a ragged tattoo.

They’d seen me!

They turned as one staggering in my direction. The putrid stench was choking and twenty disintegrating faces regarded me curiously.

I hated being new at zombie line dancing.

55 words

This story was written for Lisa McCourt-Hollar's 55 word challenge


  1. I love this. Now I must go to start my own zombie line dance. Hmmm....first, though, I must find a zombie to help me....or a great makeup artist. haha

    1. Hi Kayla! Thanks for stopping by. Makes you wonder about the origin of the 'red necks' too!