Friday, 19 April 2013

It's Behind You!

It’s Behind You!

“You’ll never guess what I’ve found my Dear, featured in the society pages of the London Gazette. Right here, you see ‘The Honorable and Mrs Aloisius Sebastain-Flyte, blah blah, fresh from his notable successes in the city ...notable successes eh? blah blah, ...recently embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime, blah blah, ...wonder of the age’s greatest achievement...  Cynthia? Why are you just sitting like some slack jawed shop girl at a picture show? Come on Old Girl. I said you might be a little queasy, can happen to anyone. Not got your sea legs. I know! How about a teensy glass of fizz eh? Just the thing if you’re not feeling quite the ticket.”

“B b b...”

 “What? Oh! I see! It’s a game is it? By Jove, I’ve got it – I spy! How splendid. You shouldn’t really give any clues in the classical form of the game that Nanny taught us but, I’m game. Where’s that fizz...?. I know! Bottle. Is it Bottle?”

“Bl bl bl...”

“Fine. Fine. Can’t expect to get it first time I suppose. Now let me see... Blanket?

“Blo blo blo...”

“Are you sure you’re not changing as we go along you little minx?... Blouse!

“Bloo bloo bloo...”

“Oh really, there are a limited number of articles in any cabin, even one as spacious as this one... Bloom! That’s the blighter isn’t it? Bet you thought that I’d dismiss them as flowers. ‘F’ you see...? Bloom! “

“N.. N.. No Bloo.. bloo.. bloo..”

Yes, yes, we’ve had that already. Why are you sitting there gibbering like an imbecile, staring out of the porthole... I say It’s not something outside the room is it? That would be jolly poor form... close to cheating in fact. Well? Spit it out.”

“B B Bloody Big Iceberg!”

300 words


This story was written for Rebekah Postupak's Flash! Friday Micro Fiction Contest

Rebekah wrote a 'Flash Points' critique of this story on her blog. Read it HERE 

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