Sunday, 21 April 2013

Drag Hunt

Drag Hunt

“So that’s it? I can just take her and go?”
He twitched one eyebrow and smiled.
I wasn’t reassured; it reminded me that he had teeth. I shivered at the sight of the extra incisors.
“Stay or go. As you can.”
I straightened, easing cramps my immobility had caused. She whimpered and I shushed her absently, eyes never leaving him as I backed away.
“Good luck” his voice thrummed in my guts like a bass amplifier turned to eleven.
I turned, beginning as swift an ascent as my tender burden allowed. I was puzzled; concerned by his acquiescence to losing his latest prize.
The stairs seemed endless. I worried that was his meaning, before we emerged into the half-light.
Just sit on the quantum anchor, tied as it was to our reality, and we’re home free.
I looked out – and understood his smile.
Heavy footfalls shook the stairs behind me.

150 words

This story was written for Angela Goff's Visual Dare Flash Fiction Challenge


  1. Atmospheric and creeeeeepy. Would love some more details, though, to really wrap my mind around the scene. So many questions! What did he see when he broke into the open??

  2. Hi Angela. He saw an endless field of chairs similar to the one that he had arrived on - which was his?