Friday, 13 September 2013

Without Honour in his Own Country

Without Honour in his Own Country

“... And welcome back to the final hour on this, Friday the thirteenth’s edition of the Nightrider, 666 on the medium wave band. It’s all new, all night and all right!
So, for all you folks who have forgotten their lucky Rabbit feet tonight, our next caller, Isaiah Triplehorn, on the line from Stratford, has a new theory about it all. Isaiah?”
“Well Nick, firstly, it’s not strictly accurate to call it a theory. I have based my predictions on extensive study and the most meticulous research. I have combed the archives of the finest libraries and universities worldwide...”
“OK, Professor. I’m gonna call you Professor OK? I gotta remind you we’re off the air in an hour! Let’s get to it. Tell the folks out there in radioland what’s special about today.”
“Very well. A study of recent events, the Chinese annexation of Eastern Siberia, and subsequent warfare between Russia and China...”
“...Old news, Prof! ‘All new, all night, all right’ - remember? Where’s the new?”
“...I am coming to that. If you add in the catastrophic failure of the Indian rice crop...”
“Rice, schmice, what about your theory?”
“... AND the spread of a virulent mutated form of HIV in the Congo, the signs preceding this Friday the thirteenth clearly predict...”
“...Hallelujah! We finally get to it! What signs Prof?”
“What signs? I have just listed them. The events that I outlined earlier are clear.”
“Well not to me, or some of our more sleep deprived Night Riders. So how about you just spell it out - before we go to the break - or run into the breakfast show!”
“He that has ears, let him hear. Were you not listening?”
“For the love of God! – oops, sorry people!”
“That’s it exactly! God. His writings actually. It’s all there...”
 “OK buddy, you’re outta here... call back Sunday...”
 “...Siberia represents conquest and war, India famine, and the Congo pestilence...”
“, according to my research, if your listeners look East, towards the morning sun, they should see the next sign, ‘...the sun become black as sackcloth...’ right about... now.”

350 words

This story was written for Rebekah Postupak's Flash! Friday challenge #41
The judge said:
"I loved.. Nick Johns‘ dialogue-sculpted tale with a hilarious, comeuppance-type twist"

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