Friday, 1 February 2013

Greater Love Hath No Man


Greater Love Hath No Man

I couldn’t kill him!
The moth hovered, wings petrified.
All this... for nothing.
The bell rings. I snap back, head pounding like it’s gone over Niagara in a barrel without me.
I swipe at gritty eyes, ignoring traces of blood smeared onto the cuff and the double vision, slower to clear this time.
The blue shift proves it works.
Blue like her eyes... No! Focus!
I can stop time, move it back, even enter the scene.                                        
Nobel prize stuff, but what’s the use if I can’t kill him when I’m there?
Last time my knife wouldn’t move. This time I’d tried rocks.
Cave his head in; but no - they were held by unbreakable quantum anchors. Unmovable – like her.
So after all this... agony, this effort, I still couldn’t murder - not murder... put down, like a dog - the man who shot her.
I’d proved I was the only thing that could move in those frozen moments.
Couldn’t stop him firing either. Time rolled on, after my interruption, as before.
Her face floated into my memory, the only link now between me and her....
between... between...Yes!
Hands shaking, I wound the clock and prepared to see Emily for one last time.

200 words

This story was written for SVW Flash! Friday

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