Tuesday, 12 February 2013

MIrror Image


Mirror Image
“Whoa Man! Don’t point that at me, it might go off!
OK, I’ll tell you. Me and Stacey are like, Goths. You know Goths, right? Well, Stacey’s just a phase, but I’m totally into it, y’know? So we’re like at this club – Gotham City – know it? No? It’s down on... Oh, OK. Well we met this foreign Goth dude. Well Stacey saw him first, but I was totally into him and we ditched her, y’know? So anyway, I went to his place. Really rad. Mirrors everywhere. Even had a coffin! Well anyway, he got weird, tried to bite me, can you believe it? Gross! Well I totally Maced him and ran, only it was like, dark, y’know? I hear him coming, grab a lamp, jump, and the next thing I’m like, climbing into your bedroom. What d’ya mean call the cops?

150 words

This story was written for Angela Goff's Visual Dare


  1. Bahahaha!!! Somehow this one landed me in the original Dracula story - a the beginning, when Jonathan Harker realizes he's a prisoner at the count's castle. Yet I can totally see this girl escaping, only to end up in his room and try to make it out like it was a really bad blind date....had me laughing!!