Friday, 8 February 2013

The Trial

The Trial

‘Stand for the judgement’
The sharp push in my back sent me staggering onto the dais. The light skewered me to the floor. My heart beat like a pigeon taking off as I faced the row of empty chairs.
 “Wait! What’s going on? Why am I here?”
‘You are the representative.’
‘Representative? I was snatched in the night!”
‘There must be a representative present’
“Why? What’s happening?”
‘You were brought here to hear the judgement.’
 “What’s the being judged?”
 ‘Fitness for you to continue.’
“Continue to do what?”
‘Continue to exist.’
‘If the judgement goes against you, you will not be allowed to continue. You will be ended.’
“You mean killed! On what evidence?”
‘We have examined you and observed you for millennia. That is the evidence.’
“Millenia? But I’ve not been alive for millennia.”
‘Your species has.’
‘The representative will be silent for the judgement’
My tongue swelled in my mouth. I gasped, each breath tinged with panic and sour bile.
 Through the window I saw a familiar blue and white orb whirling in space.
The jury filed in, faceless spectres in the gloom, their shuffling feet masked by the swirling rush of blood in my ears.

200 words
This story was written for the Flash!Friday challenge


  1. This is superb, just love the fact that its mainly conversation yet I can see what's going on so clearly.

  2. Thanks Laura. I'm pleased that you enjoyed it!