Tuesday, 26 March 2013



She knows the answer would be in his eyes.

Amid the frenzied rapture of the crowd’s roar, she harkens to the still small voice.

Incense and sweat clog her nostrils. The masses surge forward, eager, anticipating his passing; thrusting babies to the fore, baptising them in the waves of hysteria. They press against her, the impersonal contact of strangers, buffeting her, more urgent, rougher than the lover’s gentle embrace she would never know.

If it is him, she will save mankind.

She must look.

He is close. The red shoes stride up the aisle, the triregnum bobs. TV lights glint off the Fisherman’s ring as it dispenses blessings. She searches for certainty, but heavy lids guard his soul’s windows. Does dragon fire lie shrouded beneath those towering brows?

She calls to him.

He turns, smiling, his eyes widening.

She sees, and knows.

Calmly, serenely, she delivers her judgement.

Dei Gratia.

150 words


This story was written for Angela Goff's Visual Dare prompt 'Waiting'


  1. Ah. A mystery in 150 words....so intriguing!! Love the angle of two people of deeper knowledge, understanding one another in a glance, while the masses press around, unknowing....Great tension and pacing. Great entry!

    1. Hi Angela
      The main mystery was what I was to write for this prompt, so it was rather more suggestive rather than directive. Good to be back.

  2. It's amazing to me that you were able to get the entire piece in at 150 words. It has such a feeling of gravitas.

    You've expertly framed the story and the imagery is wonderful.

    Another magnificent story. :)

    1. Hi Jo-Anne!
      Thanks for your comments and, as ever, for taking the time to visit.
      Inspired by your piece, I decided to also include a word that, whilst probably understandable from context, would be unfamiliar and so encourage readers to scoot off to the dictionary. The church gives great scope for this, as it seems to have an endless arcane vocabulary all its own.