Friday, 15 March 2013

The Million Years' War
Image by Ardelfin

The Million Years’ War

“Why have we come here?”

“You must know the story of the fall of our heroes."


“To understand the enemy, the better to defeat them. - There they stand.

“But they were old.”

“Old yes. As old as time. But once, the enemy trembled before them and prayed to their Gods for deliverance. Cities fell before them, civilisations toppled. Women wept at their approach, smothering wailing children to spare them. They laid millions in the cold ground. Now they are no more. How the mighty are fallen.”

“What happened?”

“They were eradicated after ages of struggle. The enemy covers the land and grows proud. Their scientists plot to end all of us, one by one. They feared us once; and they will again. Despite the fall of our dread brothers Smallpox, Malaria and Typhoid, we continue our sacred mission. You are new and virulent. I have high hopes for you.”

150 words


This story was written for Rebekah Postupak's Flash! Friday 15 contest
It was awarded Second Place! in the competition by judge Jaz Draper 

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