Saturday, 15 September 2012


As this is a new blog, from time to time I will post an older piece - for posterity!


The dusty air magnifies the sounds whilst coating my tongue and prickling my nostrils.
Here in all this fiery desolation, at the end of the road that had seemed endless, the cascade bubbles, calling me forward. A tinkling siren.
After listening, eyes shut, for a delicious moment, to the sweet random music of the water, I blink. The brilliant glare from the glistening, wet white stone abates; the spots on my retina ease and lose their dark sharpness.
I must find the highest point, where the water is fresh, unsullied, pure.
I slump, despairing. The final punishment.
Damn you Escher!
This was written written for Visual Dare 20

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