Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ill Met By Moonlight

Ill Met By Moonlight

Now, the final reckoning; I’ve crossed your fence, savaged my poor tamed cousin, dodged your bullets, cornered you in your shiny den. Can you match me, tooth for tooth, claw for bloody claw? I hear you Man, breathing sharp, ragged. I see you Man, pale, puny. You cannot hide from me. I smell your fear.

55 Words

This was written for 55 Word Challenge 28 over at Jezri's Nightmares

This piece got an Honourable Mention from judge Lisa 

Thank you Nathaniel Lee (Scattercat)


  1. Definitely fits the photo...nice pacing and intimidation!

    1. Hi Lisa

      Thanks, and welcome back!

      If you enjoyed this, check out 'Red Spots on White Snow' by Nathaniel Lee (available as a free podcast from itunes) It is one of my favourite flash fictions ever.

      Someday I hope to write something as good myself!