Thursday, 13 September 2012

Moonlight Serenade


Moonlight Serenade
I saw the blood on my hands and realised it had happened again.
 She had been in a foul mood.
“Bastard! It’s always on your terms, well not tonight Mister.”
“Give me that key.”
“Oops! Now you’ll have to stay the night.”
“OK. I’ll climb out the window...”
“Aww. Come back and play Baby.”
“Please Julie, not tonight!”
I was too late. A treacherous cloud unshuttered the full moon. 
My shadow stopped and turned back towards her. I followed it, an unwilling marionette, in hazy lunar thrall. 
My shadow casting me. 
Us raising the heavy lamp. 
Stravage. Savage. Ravage.
100 Words
 This was written for Stevie McCoys #TuesdayTales 57
 The story got an Honourable Mention from judge @NSisifo who said:-
“My shadow casting me.” That line totally rocked me. I don’t think Peter Pan will ever be the same…

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