Tuesday, 25 September 2012




His boots scuffed towards me. I felt dust settle gentle on my skin.
“Well, what have we here?”
Whisky breath stained my nostrils.
“What can I do for you little lady? Hell, I see you’re no lady... I ain’t no gentleman neither, so it’s all about what you can do for me.”
I tasted the heat of his desire sour in my mouth.
“What’s your name Honey?”
“Anathema.” Yes, he was mine alright.
“What you doin’ here, alone?
He leaned close and pawed at me.
I snapped his neck with long practiced ease.
“I’m cursed to kill creeps throughout eternity.”

100 Words

This was written for Stevie McCoy's Tuesday Tales 59 over at Glitterword


  1. Great last line! I was totally it that room though. :)

    1. Thanks Kate.
      Stories with strong last lines or last line pay-offs have got increasingly unpopular with editors. I should have been born in O Henry's time! But flash is ideally suited to this sort of tale where, even if readers' don't connect with the punch line, they haven't invested too much in it anyway.
      Thanks for visiting!