Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Now is the Hour

Now is the Hour

The old man is still watching. I see the movement at his window.
He watched as we unloaded the van, openly until he saw that we noticed him, stared at him. Then he only lurked behind his curtains. But he saw as all of us arrive. Counted each of us in; I thought I saw him making notes. It is almost time. We must begin soon or the window of opportunity will pass.
It must be him that made Police come here. But they will not cause problems for us; they are inside now and will stay.
The old man cannot, must not ruin this for us.
“What shall I do about the old man?” I ask my brother.
He frowns, the weight of decision twisting his face.
“Aw fuck him, let’s get this party started! The cops can’t stay long.”

150 Words

This story was my response to Cara Michaels' #MenageMonday Challenge

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